Patel Fibreglass And Chemicals - Corrosion  Engineers Contractor And Manufacturer
Acid Proof Cement & Resin for Brick/ Tile / Mandana Stone / Mastic lining.
Acid Proof Brick/ Tile / Mandana Stone / Mastic lining.
F.R.P./ F.R.B. / F.R.V.E./ Epoxy coating / lining.
H.D.P.E. / P.P. / P.V.C. lining & Fabrication.
Natural Soft / Natural Hard / Ebonite Lining/ Open Ebonite / Neoprene / Nitrile / Butyle / E.P.D.M. / Hypalon / Silicon Moduling / Viton
Specialist in Rubber lining in Acid Storage tanks, Transportation Tankers, Incomerator Chimney, M.S. Pipes, Fitting & Valves.
PFC is a corrosion contractor & Manufacturer & Supplier of Acid/Alkali Resistance Cement, Resin, Mortars, & offering a wide range of anti corrosive lining such as A.R. Brick, Tile, Mastic, mandana stone lining, Epoxy lining , Rubber lining, F.R.P. lining, H.D.P.E./P.P. lining etc., cater to diverse industries.
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